Return Flights

Print your own onward or return flight ticket with this free service.

An onward ticket can be required, based on the countries entry requirements.

Many countries insist that you hold a flight ticket out from their country, which must be presented upon arrival at immigration.

With this service you can print yourself an onward, return flight ticket.

Make sure follow this points when you fill out your flight form:

  • Do not fly back to your country. The person at the check-in counter might be suspicious because return flights with the same air carrier are normally cheaper.

  • Do not choose the same airline for your onward ticket. They might check it at the check-in counter..

  • Make sure you enter a valid flight and flight dates/time. Check here for valid flight dates.

  • Once you printed out your flight ticket. Highlight your name and flight destination with a marker. The person on the check-in counter will appreciate it and will not check further details.

    You also can additionaly write some address and phone number on the paper to make it look more real.

More Flight Tickets

Your flight ticket!

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